123 Things Angus Can't Do in Clann Tartan

Part of an on-going list . . .

14)  Schedule Staff Meeting back-to-back with the Members' Meeting; resulting in five hours of contiguous meeting for much of Clann leadership.

15)  Schedule any meeting for more than three people in coffee shop where everyone has to try to be heard over the hiss of the espresso maker.
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Musket Cleaning

I was confronted with this problem at Charles City. I had read about this but never actually done it before. Eventually one the more experienced members came by and showed me how to do it his way. I watched carefully, and am here recording what I saw. I have amplified this with additional comments where appropriate.

My intent here is to describe
  1. What needs to be done.
  2. How to do it with the Clann supplies.
I am writing this as reference for other members who may find themselves in a similar position. We need to have this kind of basic camp knowledge widely available so that we are not completely dependent on the the availability of a few experts.

There is a wooden box with supplies for musket maintenance. In it you will find eight dowel sections that screw together to make two long rods that can be used to clean the inside of musket barrels. Take the thick set of these and put them together. You will also find a metal piece with a small eye that screws into one end of the rod, and a bag with small fabric scraps. The basic idea is that you want a long rod to which you can attach a small rag. With this you are going to clean, dry, and oil the inside of the barrel. I suppose you could improvise with a 4 ft., 1/2" diameter dowel, drilling a 3/16" or 1/4" hole through one end perpendicular to the dowel axis.

Put a small twig/touthpick/whatever in the touch hole to close it. Pour some hot soapy water (roughly 1/2 cup) down the musket barrel. Cover the end of the barrel and shake vigorously. Take your rod, put one of the fabric scraps through the eye, and thrust it down the barrel. The scrap will scrub the inside. Turn it around and move up and down several times to wipe the inside. Pull it out. The fabric scrap will be dirty black.

Note: The other rod sections can be assembled and have a couple brushes that can be attached at the end. This might be helpful if the musket is really dirty.

Turn the musket muzzle end down to let the water (really dirty water) drain out. Unblock the touch hole. Since the water was hot it should dry quickly, but just to be sure...Take your rod and put another fabric scrap through the eye. Thrust this down the barrel and rub it about to dry the inside. Extract it.

In the supply box you will find a container with a leather closure, filled with a thick gunky oil. In appearance and consistency it seems like neatsfoot oil or mink oil. Take another fabric scrap, cover it thickly with the oil, and stick it through the eye of the rod. Use this to oil the inside of the barrel with the same procedure as above.

Now take a larger rag. Oil it well. Rub all the exposed exterior surfaces of the musket--metal and wood--thoroughly.

There are various references about cleaning muskets on the web. Mostly they talk about about flintlocks, but what they say about the inside of the barrel also applies to us.




White Carrots

Hey, guys, I actually dug the white carrots before the ground turned completely to rock!

As some of you may remember, I had planted white carrots because they are period for us. Unfortunately, my resident bunnies decided carrot tops would be delicious, so I did not expect much for size.

In fact, they were thumb-sized at best, and not terribly sweet; I don't know if that's a result of being abused or being white. They were, however, very nice and carroty and we used them in the turkey-squash soup.

They were really white (for rather dirty values of white), and not the pale yellow of  botanicavix's accidentally-white carrots.  I will be planting more next spring and fencing the veggie garden.


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What was everyone's opinion of the Des Moines ren faire last weekend? (Other than the weather, that is?) Despite it being far away and wet and miserable, is anyone interested in doing it again?

Your loving contracts rep.

Got 'er done!

It was a good weekend at Deer River for the White Oak Rendezvous.  I was head campfollower for three days for a small contingent from colgaffneyis.  It was my first time being completely in charge of menus, shopping, and getting food on the table for a weekend.

You learn a lot when you're in charge.  You learn what the spice box looks like, and what the tinderbox looks like.  You learn which is your favorite knife, and that if you don't remind people to clean up lunch, it doesn't get cleaned up.  I had fun.  People ate well.  The group was very helpful with the kitchen tasks.  I had a lot of fun.

I am past apologizing, though, for my inconsiderate husband.  He'll do *anything* to get out of tear-down, apparently.  This time, he cut  his foot with an axe.  10 stitches on Sunday morning; amazingly, we actually made it back to camp before the show opened at 10:00.  No serious damage, but of course he was pretty useless (and bored!) for the rest of the day.  He drove himself home, though, and he's getting around OK today, so it seems like not much harm done.

Once more, though, I am obliged to thank twolodge for being right there.  The camp medic was named Bonnie and she stanched the bleeding and drove us to the (fortunately very local) hospital.  rhymeswithghoti showed compassion to me when I was crazy with anxiety after it happened, not to mention taking over breakfast prep.  botanicavix dragged her straw tick out into the tavern tent so Glenn would have a period-correct place to rest in the shade.  Everyone was very kind and supportive.  If he does anything more like this, I swear I'll stop him from *going* to rendezvous.  It's too much work for everyone else!

Seriously, thanks guys.  He vows to put on heavy boots and learn how to handle an axe.
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Hey have an other show for next year

I was talking to the curator at the Minnesota Military Museum in Camp Ripley and they do a military time line event and are always looking for more units to be in the event and I said that we might be able to show up but I was first have to foward the info to the right people in the group and I could not  make any sort of comitment  in any way  shape or form.  The only thing is they (the museum) has no way of paying the groups for this but will provide other things ie:food for an evening BBQ (he did say a lamb to cook) wood and water. stuff likethat he could do. I said that I would pass the info on and he could use me as a contact person and we would see what we could do, just thought that I would pass on the info

I just want to say

once more how grateful I am to our clann-kin for Sunday night.  There were twolodge and c_nocturnum, who were right there when gmcdavid fell with first aid and wise counsel.  There were botanicavix, bulletthebluebackseatgaffer, and many others with help in teardown and packing the cars.  They kept me comforted, distracted with practicalities, and functional while we were so unsure about Glenn, and they made me feel wonderfully protected and loved.  They all wanted to leave, but nobody did until our situation was under control.

Bare, indeed, is brotherless back.

Thank you all.
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