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Trying to do it all

A year and a half ago I started spinning worsted so I could weave a tartan fabric for an arsaid, which is essentially the feminine equivalent of a greatkilt; three widths of fabric pleated into a belt, capable of covering the wearer from her head to her heels.  These are generally a tartan pattern on a white background, so I have a lot of white worsted spun up and I've been dying wool to spin into stripes.

Since I began this project, I've learned that the weft was often woven differently from the warp; the warp would be worsted, but the weft would be woolen; the inclusion of woolen would cause the fabric to be warmer and to full up tighter.  Further, the warp would have a reverse twist from the weft; I imagine that this also helped it full up tighter.

I have plentiful white (and some black) fuzz from combing the locks for my worsted.  So, I have now decided to try to make this a rock and wheel tartan; spinning the long fibers into worsted and the shorter ones into woolen; wasting nothing and incorporating the advantages of both kinds of yarn.

Right now I'm spinning Black Hebridian worsted on my antique wheel and woolen on my Ashford; different spin and different technique for the different fiber.
Wish me luck . . .

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