mia_mcdavid (mia_mcdavid) wrote in colgaffneyis,

White Carrots

Hey, guys, I actually dug the white carrots before the ground turned completely to rock!

As some of you may remember, I had planted white carrots because they are period for us. Unfortunately, my resident bunnies decided carrot tops would be delicious, so I did not expect much for size.

In fact, they were thumb-sized at best, and not terribly sweet; I don't know if that's a result of being abused or being white. They were, however, very nice and carroty and we used them in the turkey-squash soup.

They were really white (for rather dirty values of white), and not the pale yellow of  botanicavix's accidentally-white carrots.  I will be planting more next spring and fencing the veggie garden.

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