groomporter (groomporter) wrote in colgaffneyis,

Highlanders & multiple weapons

Every once in a while I run across a Renfair, or SCA Scot who has on their body practically as many weapons as he can possibly carry, and claims that Highlanders were known for carrying lots of blades/weapons. (In the old days of Clann we had a couple guys like this) But I've never seen an explanation of where this idea comes from.

John Hume, captured by the Jacobites during the Battle of Falkirk, later wrote that the Highlanders appeared as if their weapons were "limbs and members of their bodies. They are never seen without them, they travel, they attend fairs and markets, nay they went to church with their broadswords and dirks."

I've always wondered if this belief of some people that Scots carried multiple weapons them is just an exageration of this quote? Or just an exageration of the classic view of a Highlander with a sword, a targe, a dirk and a sgain dhu?
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